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6574743_origFriday 8th of May, I thought I will start my trip in the morning. In the end morning was like 12 o’clock.

Destination: Wroclaw, Poland.

What is the best place to practice hitch-hiking?

Of course in the beginning of the trip in Czech Republic and not in a foreign country! So I used public transport to get to the exit direction Olomouc, Ostrava.

What seemed like a good spot according to Hitchwiki, looked great on spot as well: 

  • Just behind the crossroad so cars would not go fast.
  • Almost on the highway so I would be visible to all drivers driving this direction.
  • Large ramp where cars could safely and easily stop.



















That is what I thought for one and half hour!

NOBODY stopped. Somebody smiled only. Finaly after long long wait first car stopped. Yeah! I was so happy and felt like that hitch-hiking could work for me. Driver Michal, explained me it that was no so good spot unfortunately. He was experienced hitch-hiker and told me many useful tips and shared his travelling stories. The spot I chosen was not so good because:

  • It is not so easy to break when you go down the ramp.
  • What was more important was that drivers couldn’t see me much in advance.

Lesson #1: Find a level spot, everybody should see you from FAR away!

Lesson learned and I got successfully lift to Ostrava. To Ostrava, but probably on not so useful exit. Traffic was really low here and not so easy or safe for drivers to stop.

I wish driver would drop me at first exit in Ostrava or drive me more far away to the last exit in Ostrava. After like 30 minutes I decided to hitchhike on the highway. I know risky but it was in town so cars drive just “90” km\h. After 20 minutes I realized I was naive to think that somebody would stop here even though I saw Polish cars. Second lesson was to plan better! Take a look in a map properly and try to analyze the traffic and situation in the town.

Lesson #2: Preparation and analysis of roads and exits around city!

I really needed to get out of there and move to the next exit in Ostrava. It was like 5 kilometers on nice cyclo-road next to the highway. I made an one hour walk towards next exit. With a backpack and sign Poland in hand. In the meantime I tried to stop bicycle riders for fun or one women on the horse. So far hitchhiking was not so pleasant. Lot of waiting or walking with heavy bag.

On the next exit my luck returned. I didnt even properly place myself as I wanted after roundabout connecting to highway and a car with wheel on the left side stopped. Driver drove me to the first gas station after Czech border in Poland. I had a luck again. Now the hitchhiking was really smooth.

After 5 minutes on gas station I had positive signal from two ladies who traveled more far away to Poland. They gave me like a hour lift. It was Beata and Ivana who went to a party before wedding. They drop me on another gas station.

I really liked the hitch-hiking on the gas stations. I like the possibility to talk to people and ask them. Not much waiting and I approached a couple. After I asked the answer was yes. Yes, they went to Wroclaw and yes they will take me there.

Girlfriend was driving and her boyfriend was reading some paragraphs of law so she can learn for her upcoming exam. The journey was like 3 hours and it was really comfortable ride and I could even relax. To my surprise they drop me exactly on the place where I had a meeting with my Couchsurfing host. 

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