Cold but cool Oslo

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March. Spring nowhere. Feels like winter

Don’t worry there was no snow. But windy weather and temperature around five degrees. It encouraged me to put all warm clothes I had.

Oslo Rygge is one of the two airports where low-cost airlines fly to “Oslo.” One hour from the capital. I spoke to the one Polish couple who drove me the one of the metro stations.

Metro is called here T-bane, with sign of letter T. As I was waiting for my Couchsurfing host I had a brief overview of prices. I could see how freaking expensive Oslo will be.


Norwegian language sound in some way similar to German to me. Luckily I had no problem with communication with people here. Almost everybody speaks English well.

The work-life balance is really different here. If you don’t buy food before Sunday it can easily happen there will not be a big Sunday lunch for you!Shops are really closed on Sunday. Either you will eat whats left at home or you will be hungry or you can visit expensive restaurant.


What I noticed  is that people are more calm, they don’t rush anywhere. Now when I think back I haven’t noticed many people running for the bus or tram as in Brno. When people are running its because they are jogging and many here do! And it is really obvious. Active lifestyle seems to be a high priority here.



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