Passing through Latvian countryside

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Landed in Riga airport. Been there already so way to center was simple! Process is following:

  • before leaving airport building grab a free map of capital, buy a bus ticket in advance
  • cross the parking area and wait for bus or actually micro-bus, its also line 22 but faster with few stops, directly to center
  • kill a hunger: Pelmene XXL on train station, affordable, pay how much you put on your plate. Don’t forget to include soup after long travel!

My next plan was simple. Grab a beer with Martin. Classmate on Erasmus exchange in Riga. He knew where to get a great beer, where the locals go, where is happy hour, where we can have a delicious burger for dinner.

After few more beers it was time to go. Time to arrange a meeting with my Couchsourfing hosts in Ragana. Village one hour north from Riga.

023-May trip 2015_269

They were amazing Couchsurfing hosts. It was late and they waited with a warm dinner for me. Also they grabbed glasses, bottle of wine. We went for a sightseeing to the coast. One cool place with camp and place where volleyball tournaments are played.

024-May trip 2015_270

In Ragana I was welcomed by Inga, her husband and this lovely Bulldog!

025-May trip 2015_272

Next morning we explored the countryside more

026-May trip 2015_273027-May trip 2015_274028-May trip 2015_276

030-May trip 2015_278


After bobsledge track and lunch it was time to say goodbye to my hosts! Before they dropped me on the road we visited they farm. I was gifted with small snack and one can of homemade luncheon meat. My next direction was to continue north and pass towns Valka and Valga. Two towns very close to each other. Separated just with Latvian-Estonian border.

I didn’t wait too long and got a ride to Valga where I continued my hitch-hiking to Tartu. Second largest town in Estonia which is also a big student town. I was lucky that one couple with a young boy took me.

Parents haven’t been very talkative. I cannot say that about their son. He was speaking all the time to me. I had to disappoint him as my knowledge of Estonian language covered just terviseks (cheers). I felt very dumb that I cannot answer anything, nor explain that I speaking different language.

During my Erasmus exchange in Finland I enjoyed short trip in Tallin. I knew I had to return to Estonia and explore it more. We approached Tartu. I was looking forward! I was curious! How the Tartu will be like?


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