Halfway to a Norwegian prison

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I landed second time in Oslo Rygge airport. This time destination was not Norway but South to the Sweden. I thought I will be able to hitch-hike straight from airport to Sweden. Even though Rygge airport is close to the Swedish border there was not so much cars with Swedish identity plate as I expected.

I decided I will be more successful with plan B. Going  opposite direction. Direction Oslo. On one of the of the gas stations next to the highway I will change a direction and hitch-hike direction Sweden.

I felt like at home at the gas station. Not due my success with hitch-hiking on gas stations but because there where many tank truck drivers from Slovakia! After small discussion I found out that they are transporting gas in Scandinavia.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go with them as they were not allowed to take passengers when they transport gas. I would need special licence to sit in a such “dangerous” truck or the driver could get a fine from police.

I approached few cars on the parking area next to the gas station. In one of them was young women with kind of serious face. I think I surprised her or scared her when I waved on her few steps from her car.
Anyway I asked where is she driving. She told me that she is driving to a prison. To the prison?

I double checked and asked again. I thought it is some town in Sweden called with similar pronunciation as prison.

She confirmed that she really goes to the prison. Prison close the Norwegian border. Soon in the conversation she revealed that she goes to prison because she have to talk to her client who is in prison.

She was a lawyer.

She agreed to take me to the gas station few minutes from Norway/Swedish border. In the meantime we talked about her work. She was one of the employees in a small lawyer company based in Oslo. We discussed the criminality in the and overall situation in Norway.

Even though there is a low criminality also Norway has a prison. Of course. I tried to discuss about few topics. But my poor knowledge of criminal law didn’t help me such. She just explained me that everybody has a right for defense in any case. Her job was to help, defend the clients or establish lower penalty.

She told about some of the criminal cases. She mentioned her upcoming case which will be tough. She told me about rape case with five man involved. Her job will be again to defend this group even though her personal opinion was clear and she would rather give highest penalty for this crime.

We haven’t even finished this case and we arrived to mentioned gas station where she dropped me.

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