Windmills, sun, cacao smell in the air

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Are you visiting Netherlands? Probably Amsterdam will be 100% on your list.

After a day in Amsterdam I decided to discover something out of city. From many options I chose:

Zaanse Schans

I considered windmills as something traditional for this country and also I knew that I will be able to play with camera and make some countryside photos there.

Transportation from Amsterdam

Take a bus 391. There is a bus stop behind the train station. Unfortunately the ticket for a public transport is not valid as Zaanse Schans is out of Amsterdam. You will have to buy a ticket from driver for way there and back. Each 5eur.


It couldn’t be more clear that I arrived to the destination. On the bus stop I could see a big group of Asian tourists with cameras, probably waiting for a bus to return back to Amsterdam. Also big carpark and windmills little bit more faraway.

I recommend you to head to the Zaanse Schans museum. There is a free wifi and on reception you can get a useful map.

02-May trip 2015_419

If you go opposite direction as everybody is going you will find behind the museum this tower with great view.

03-May trip 2015_420

11-May trip 2015_428

After eating a sweet delicious waffle I realized there is something missing. In 10 minutes I discovered this Cacaolab. Now I knew that I really want drink a hot chocolate. Homemade or more precisely self-made original hot chocolate for 2€.

13-May trip 2015_430

“Klomp” means a clog in Dutch, typical wooden shoe

When I was finishing tour around Zaanse Schans I realized I missed one of the houses. In this one was a demonstration about producing wooden shoes.

I came just in the moment when the man finished his wooden shoe and everybody was clapping.

If you come here, make sure you are aware of the schedule. By huge applaus of the crowd I suppose it was really cool!


It supposed to be just a simple trip, one afternoon spent in countryside. Short escape from busy city. You travel to Netherlands and visiting Amsterdam? Sure. But after this visit I changed my opinion.

Zaanse Schans is actually a highlight of Netherlands! 

I recommend to visit you this place, even if you have a one day for Amsterdam.

10-May trip 2015_427



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