Exchange: Youth ENTREPRENEURization, Armenia

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Travel / Youth exchange

With deep conviction, positive attitude and right mindset everything is possible

Teams from Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Romania and Slovakia met in capital of Armenia – Yerevan to discuss topic of entrepreneurship and alternatives to finding a job in ordinary way.

Among many fun energizers and different non-formal activities there was memorable afternoon. Afternoon which showed how effective non-formal education can be on attaining new beliefs. It had big impact on me when I think about it again and again. It was actually simple city hunt game. 

Rules were following:

  • Each team with members consisting of different nationalities received chopsticks.
  • task was to go in centre an trade chopsticks for something else
  • create as many transactions as possible, with high value in mind
Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_016

Our ladies did great job. It was smart step to trade chopsticks for many beautiful flowers.

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_017

This is the backyard of one copy center! Owner of this shop made a picture of us and surprised us with his idea. He promised to create a cup with our photo on it. We picked-up finished glass on the way back.

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_018

Sometimes we failed

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_019

Biggest surprise was that the guy on the picture gave me his tie. Tie which he should wear for rest of the day after wedding. Considering how Armenians focus on stylish clothing in every day, not to mention for wedding, it was a huge gift. Later I found out that he have actually some part of his family in Slovakia!

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_020


I think every team achieved outstanding results and had interesting stories to share. Translating to the language of business or becoming entrepreneur, this activity perfectly illustrated that anything is possible. Even without large starting capital. It showed that goal or first planned outcome may change along the journey. Game also emphasized team spirit and highlighted synergy effect of team members with various nationalities and backgrounds.

Few shots from the project

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_062

Intercultural night

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_091Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_029

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_008

Mack, Davit, Liana: our organizers

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_115

Secret friend revealed!

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_103


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