In photos: Exploring Yerevan

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By day, by night. In centre, out of town

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_093

Music and colorful fountains in centre

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_007

Cascades, popular place for spending evening

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_169Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_170


Before I move into advise how to travel in Yerevan I think I should mention arrival on the airport and following transfer to city. First impression of airport: Stunning. Modern renovated building with trained kind staff. Wow. Like or Europe even better.Image22

It got more exciting when we tried to fit into ordered taxi with our large luggage. Result was that luggage was in front too:

In Yerevan there is very efficient subway. Buses are rather slow and unless you are local it is not easy to orientate what drives were. I recommend to overcome majority of distances simply by taxi. They are everywhere and are affordable! Also fun to watch the taxi driver’s driving skills which are many time outstanding and breathtaking in positive and sometimes also shocking way.




This is Lahmajo, thin bread with meat sauce. Fresh, hot. Taken straight from the oven. Simple and delicious meal. Amazing after night out. For a drink don’t refuse sour milk with cucumber and herbs. It is so refreshing.

Flea market

Tsitsernakaberd: Armenian Genocide memorial

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_063

Visit in carpet factory

Geghard monastery trip

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_040


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