In photos: Sevan

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Travel / Youth exchange

Beaches and sea 1905 meters above sea level.

Sevan is a huge lake one hour northeast of Yerevan. It’s popular summer resort. Armenia doesn’t have a sea so Armenian are obviously proud of Sevan. No wonder that they label it as Armenian sea! It is very popular not only among Armenians but also Iranians are frequent visitors.

We visited it as short one day trip, part ouf our youth exchange. It was end of the season when we visited the lake. We felt high altitude of almost 2000m above sea level instantly. Making curious first steps out of the bus. It was cold. Compared to hot streets of Yerevan, freezing cold.

Windy and cloudy weather didn’t add more comfort but provided great opportunity to shoot following black and white pictures. 
Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_143Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_126Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_138Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_124Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_125Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_129Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_130Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_131Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_135Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_141

Youth Entrepreneurization ARMENIA_144

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