Armenian brandy

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Travel / Youth exchange

One of the last days of project. We have been worried to not miss the tour in Armenian brandy factory. Tours were usually fully booked or available times were in conflict with our project schedule.


During one afternoon break we jumped into the taxi. Looking forward like a little kids who escaped! We got off in front of factory. In rush we bought the tickets for tour which already started 5 minutes ago.

What we learnt? 

  • Proper name for this Armenian liquor is Armenian Brandy, not Cognac (Cognac is type of brandy produced in Cognac region in France).
  • Barrels are used for 70 to 80 years. Afterwards are burned and used to smoke new barrels.
  • Starts on the bottle of brandy equals age in years. But because most of the brandy’s are blended it is average.
  • Secret to the long life according to the Winston Churchill: Cuban cigars, Armenian brandy and no sports.


Peace Barrel of brandy that will be opened when the Azerbaijan issue Upper Karabakh will be resolved.

Brandy tasting and drinking


  1. You can check volume in glass by putting it sideways on the table. Level should be close to the edge.
  2. Hold the glass in the left hand (closer to the heart).
  3. Warm the glass slightly in your hand.
  4. Examine viscosity, transparency, color and clarity. The older the brandy the more oily it will appear and “tears” of brandy will drop back slower after shaking the glass.
  5. Continue examining brandy with next sense: Smell.
    • Smell the glass few centimeters from your nose. Notice hints of chocolate and vanilla.
    • Smell closer to the edge of glass. Notice flowers and spirit of your brandy.
    • Put your nose almost inside the glass. Notice amount of aging and kick of alcohol.
  6. Finaly sip. Leave the brandy float on your tongue for a moment.
  7. Genatzt! (Cheers) Now you added also sense of hearing.

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