Two (rainy) days in Glasgow

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Yes, Scotland IS different from England.

Cheapest flight is not the shortest or direct flight. Returning from Slovakia back to Nottingham it was true. Instead of straight flight my plan was take it through Scotland to visit also this part of UK so I can finally compare it to England and make my own opinion.

I couldn’t decide which city to visit: Edinburgh or Glasgow? Even flights were the same price, similar time.

In the end decision was Glasgow. Arrival in evening, one whole day to look around and departure next morning. Unfortunately I had no luck for a weather! Rain and wind almost non-stop.

What did I noticed about Scotland?

  • Dialect, with young people okey, but ask somebody older for direction and you will have feeling that your level of English drops to elementary. I am not sure how long it would take me to adapt.
  • People are so much more talkative and warmer than in UK. I had many conversations with people anywhere from pubs, on street or in a bus for whole 15 minutes journey.
  • In contrast to England, beer in pubs was generally more chilled and colder, great!
  • Registration plates on cars are white (England yellow).

University of Glasgow


Fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world


Weather in morning when I sat in the bus direction Glasgow airport. No comment!



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