Three days in and out of Dublin

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Fun Guinness factory, hiking in Glendalough national park, exploring Kilmainham Gaol prison

Dublin, capital of Ireland, base of low-cost Ryanair. Just before Christmas, just before my departure home from UK. Cheap direct flight from Nottingham. Irresistible offer!

What can you do in just three days?

  • fan of dark beer? Guinness lover like me? Definitely visit Guinness factory. Large building in shape of beer glass. Packed with seven floors of entertainment!
  • make a trip to the Glendalough national park. Two hours from Dublin by bus. Not so long. Already countryside is amazing through the window. In park follow one of the roads around lakes or up in the mountains with amazing view on lake from top
  • Kilmainham Gaol, prison, you will definitely recognize it from many movies. Book in advance there is small availability. I had to pick up tickets in morning so hurry up
  • of course walk around the centre, its actually not so large. In evening not forget to grab beer. There is such a variety of pubs and clubs in Temple bar (name of area but also the bar) or actually everywhere

What is special about Ireland?

  • it is on British Isles, but anyway I had more European feeling walking around Dublin. More familiar. Pub culture is also similar to Slovakia or Czech Republic. Plus with added live Irish folk music in many pubs. Ireland felt so much more different than England. At least compared to Nottingham.
  • People are more friendly and I noticed Irish people wear more stylish clothes or at least more to my liking
  • Compared to Scotland in Dublin I had no problem with English. Felt like Irish English is natural for me or without dialect. Is it cause of international capital? I don’t know
  • You can pay in Euro, so again feel more like home



Kilmainham Gaol prison





Guinness and Sguinness (Skinny Guinness)

 Glendalough park

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