South Iceland

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Following the filming locations in south

Many movies have been filmed in Iceland. Untouched wild nature or the glaciers which look like out of planet earth. Perfect for a sci-fi locations. This was the case for Interstellar. Scenes have been filmed at Svínafellsjökull, east of Skaftafell, an outlet glacier of largest glacier in Iceland – Vatnajökull.


Map of filming locations in Iceland. Interstellar in yellow!

Mentioned glacier and ice cave were our main attractions of the trip. While driving I found out that also Justin Bieber shoot one of his videoclips in Iceland. Are you fan of him? Good for you! I am NOT. But I recommend you to have a look anyway!

Pure Icelandic nature, most of the locations are actually in south Iceland. We visited majority of these. Justin Bieber will show you south Iceland in summer. Now get ready for a winter edition in our way! Can you recognize the places?

Amazing crew

  • classmate I met while studying at NTU in UK
  • her brother
  • silver Toyota Yaris
  • me with all camera equipment

Golden circle_002

3-2-1 start!

Wake-up in 6am, quick breakfast and after 7am early departure from Bifröst direction Reykjavik. Now when I think about it I can’t believe we wake up so early. Guys arrived at 11pm evening before and we went sleep around 1 or 2am. As we approached the Reykjavik sky changed from complete darkness to dark blue.

In Reykjavik we had a stop to pick-up crampons. We experienced delay in our schedule already in morning. Guy from rental found out too late that he has ready just two crampons for us.

Anyway call to his friends who owns outdoor shop solved the problem. We got the directions for a shop and hurried up to pick up missing pair of crampons ourselves. In the shop we arrived just before opening hours. Shop assistant was cleaning the floor. We have been welcomed by cup of coffee and tips for safe hiking at glaciers.

Golden circle_003

Approaching our first small stop: Eyrarbakki fishing village

Golden circle_004

I was expecting more glaciers on the beach

Golden circle_005

Lack of glaciers replaced by many “paintings” on the beach

Golden circle_006

Prison next to the exit from village, on the way back in evening there wasn’t many windows lit. I guess this prison doesn’t have many guests.


Golden circle_007

First bigger attraction was visible from a main road. Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall with 60m drop.

Golden circle_012

Seljalandsfoss, I struggled to keep my lens clean without drops of water. Next time I will be more prepared!

Golden circle_011

All kind of icy creatures around waterfall

Golden circle_015

Gljufrabui waterfall

This is that type of place which many  tourists miss but it is conveniently close to Seljalandsfoss. Just two minutes by car or short walk. To see the waterfall you have to climb a little bit and use a chains to get to the viewpoint. But it was worth it!

Golden circle_016

You can hear a waterfall from beginning but it is not visible. This was first sneak peak. Climb a little ladder and you will see it completely.

Golden circle_017

Swimming in Seljavalalaug

Golden circle_061

If you have opportunity, this is a place you HAVE TO visit! From the parking just 20 minutes hike and you find this swimming pool with warm water in the middle of mountains.


Golden circle_023

Another large waterfall. Visible from main round. As Seljalandsfoss not missing in any tour in south Iceland. It is possible to use stairs and walk up the cliff to see the waterfall from other perspective.

Golden circle_027


Golden circle_028

A point where we put our car into challenge. A steep road, in few places deep snow and rails from bigger cars made it for our low-rider a tough experience. From top of the cliff we had a great view on surroundings. As it got darker this was our last stop in a first day.

Golden circle_029







Golden circle_050


Golden circle_047

On the road



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