Exploring Suðureyri

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After first concert night we woke up around lunch time and decided to head to Suðureyri. A village where off-venue concert was taking place.  It supposed to be on swimming pool but due to a bad weather it was moved to one of the warehouses in harbor.

Concert was held with one anniversary in mind. Celebrating was Icelandic outdoor clothes brand 66° North. 90 years since it was established in 1926. Exactly here, in Suðureyri. In this post I would like to write more about village. I cover off-venue concert in separate article about Aldrei festival.

Suðureyri is 25km from Ísafjörður. Transportation to the village was smooth. We have been lucky. We got a ride quickly. Hitch-hiking was simple. Driving was  an American woman who studies coastal and marine management in Ísafjörður. On the way with pass a ski slopes and long single line tunnel with a crossroad in the middle.

Stinky fish factory or how we accidentally not even knowing met an Icelandic actor? 

We arrived in advance before concert. Enough time to walk around the village and visit surroundings. We went towards the end of the fjord to check the view. View was nice but not the air. The smell from stinky fish processing factory was strong even hundred meters far away.

Over concert we spoke to the few locals. We found out that factory in Suðureyri is not processing just fish. Also leftovers, guts and successfully selling these by-products.

Really, guts from fish. I knew that dry fish is popular in Iceland. But guts? Who eats them?Who likes them?  The questions were popping up in my mind. Without asking in a moment we knew the answer.

Fish heads are dried using geothermal heat and exported to Nigeria where they are used in soups. Other parts that are not suitable for human consumption are minced and frozen before export to other countries for animal feed.

Later on we find out a surprise. Browsing through articles about festival we find out something new. Our first volunteer from little project about Aldrei and Westfjords was actually a celebrity.


What does make the Westfjords special?

It was an Icelandic actor Víkingur Kristjánsson who lives in Suðureyri. It was another example of how Iceland is small and its quite easy to bump into someone famous! Now I have definitely two more movies on the list. Bakk and Brim. Both with interesting plot.

Bakk is an Icelandic comedy about two childhood friends who decide to drive around Iceland in reverse. Soon after their trip starts they find out that this was perhaps not the best idea in the world. As usual in comedies nothing goes as planned and almost everything goes wrong.

Brim tells the story of a young woman who hires on as a crew-member on a fishing vessel, where a tight knit group of men is already in place. Slowly it is revealed that the job she got was only vacant due to a tragic incident, and her being on board is not going down well with the crew.


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