The most remote university in the world?

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Bifröst University from new perspective or hiking to the Hraunsnefsöxl mountain

In the middle of nowhere or between two volcanoes? Small community or village. Just former Hotel Bifröst with restaurant, gym with sauna and whirlpool, few houses around. Plus university of course.

Where are we going for groceries? In emergency situations in small shop on campus. But most likely borrowing school car, driving 30 km to the town of Borgarnes and shopping in cheaper Bónus supermarket.

Just few minutes of walk and you can be standing on the edge of Grabrok vulcano behind the campus. This view gives you good idea how is the Bifröst university tiny and remote.

But from top of the nearby Hraunsnefsöxl mountain I started thinking again how is this university unique. Do you know any other university which is smaller or more isolated?

Following pictures show our journey on top of the “cliff mounain” Hraunsnefsöxl.

Hraunsnefsoxl _001Hraunsnefsoxl _002

Hraunsnefsoxl _006Hraunsnefsoxl _005Hraunsnefsoxl _007

Hraunsnefsoxl _008


Hraunsnefsoxl _011Hraunsnefsoxl _012

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