Armenian brandy

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Travel / Youth exchange

One of the last days of project. We have been worried to not miss the tour in Armenian brandy factory. Tours were usually fully booked or available times were in conflict with our project schedule.


During one afternoon break we jumped into the taxi. Looking forward like a little kids who escaped! We got off in front of factory. In rush we bought the tickets for tour which already started 5 minutes ago.

What we learnt?  Read More

In photos: Sevan

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Travel / Youth exchange

Beaches and sea 1905 meters above sea level.

Sevan is a huge lake one hour northeast of Yerevan. It’s popular summer resort. Armenia doesn’t have a sea so Armenian are obviously proud of Sevan. No wonder that they label it as Armenian sea! It is very popular not only among Armenians but also Iranians are frequent visitors.

We visited it as short one day trip, part ouf our youth exchange. It was end of the season when we visited the lake. We felt high altitude of almost 2000m above sea level instantly. Making curious first steps out of the bus. It was cold. Compared to hot streets of Yerevan, freezing cold.

Windy and cloudy weather didn’t add more comfort but provided great opportunity to shoot following black and white pictures.  Read More

Exchange: Youth ENTREPRENEURization, Armenia

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Travel / Youth exchange

With deep conviction, positive attitude and right mindset everything is possible

Teams from Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Romania and Slovakia met in capital of Armenia – Yerevan to discuss topic of entrepreneurship and alternatives to finding a job in ordinary way.

Among many fun energizers and different non-formal activities there was memorable afternoon. Afternoon which showed how effective non-formal education can be on attaining new beliefs. It had big impact on me when I think about it again and again. It was actually simple city hunt game.  Read More

Windmills, sun, cacao smell in the air

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Are you visiting Netherlands? Probably Amsterdam will be 100% on your list.

After a day in Amsterdam I decided to discover something out of city. From many options I chose:

Zaanse Schans

I considered windmills as something traditional for this country and also I knew that I will be able to play with camera and make some countryside photos there. Read More

Bremen, Eva and animal friends

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The may trip is coming slowly to the end. I stayed one more night in Borås. It was time to move to Stockholm. Quickly and reliably! Considering all my options I decided for bus. I visited Couch-surfing meeting in capital, spent one night and take flight to Bremen, Germany.

099-May trip 2015_411

My cool friend and classmate from bachelor degree was waiting for me on airport. It was really nice change after travelling more or less alone that some familiar face was waiting for me. It felt much more like at home at her place than on trip. Cozy house and Eva’s laziness calm me down. We were cooking, cutting grass and going out with her dog Argo. Argo, the laziest member of their family! Probably worst influence for Eva.

Sometimes we had also bigger plans. Read More

A big city with the convenience of a small town

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If I should describe the Borås there are three things which quickly come to my mind.
Sculptures, wall paintings and textile.

Borås is situated one hour by express bus from Göteborg. When you arrive by bus or train you are already in centre! Centre of the city is easy to walk around. First what you notice is a nice park bordered by a river. Few streets with shops and restaurant. A square with town hall which is Oldest building in the Borås.


Around whole city there are numerous sculptures. Very tall pinocchio, buddha meditating in the river or lonely standing kid. Another aspect why Borås has rich rich cultural life and vibrant centre are wall paintings. This street art paintings are made by different artists. Till now there are 10 houses spreading across the city with painted walls. These paintings are part of the No limit event.  Read More

Hitch-hiking to Göteborg by bus

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After I get off in the gas station with shopping center behind. Still in Norway but close to the Swedish border I had to make again a decision. Where will I stand to get a lift?

Will I stay at the gas station and speak to people? Or will move closer to the exit where I could maybe stop more cars but cannot speak to the driver?

Both have their own pros and cons but I couldn’t be in the places in the same time unfortunately.

I went with option number one. Standing next to the entrance to gas station and approaching drivers who go pay for their gas. It was quite fun, people were friendly but nobody really went my direction. After like an hour I realized its Norway and it was colder than I wanted to admit myself.

I went inside the gas station to warm up and discuss where to hitch-hike with man at cashier. He recommended me actually my second option. As there was not so much cars at gas station I agreed.

Standing next the exit to high-way was probably better idea. More cars. Higher chance. Also I found out that gas in Sweden was cheaper so it was quite naive to think that many drivers going to Sweden will stop at expensive Norwegian gas station when Sweden is just behind the corner!

I waited quite a long again but keeping hope alive. Luckily after next 45 minutes a car stopped! Yeah.

I can say he stopped thanks to bad coffee in Sweden as driver explained. It was Norwegian man living in cheaper Sweden. He was a coffee lover and his favorite coffee was not available in Sweden so he drove to the Norway to buy it.


He wasn’t going to the Göteborg but to the first bigger Swedish town after  border with Norway. I get off at big shopping center in Uddevalla.

I bought my lunch at supermarket, relaxed little bit inside shopping center connected to the internet. Afterwards I went find a good spot for hitch-hiking to the Göteborg.

It was tough. No cars stopping and two spots I changed in like two hours were not successful. I was little bit frustrated and tired. It was afternoon and I was actually travelling from 6am.

I decided I will go by bus to Göteborg. It means I had transport myself from shopping centre to centre of Uddevalla first. I found a bus.

When I tried to buy a ticket driver signed me  in non-verbal way signed that I should just get on and go for free.  He probably saw me hitch-hiking. Smile returned on my face.

I sat for 15 minutes and get off in the centre next to the bus station. Buses to Göteborg were going quite often so without waiting I get on the bus. In one and half hour I arrived to the destination with few hours of free time to explore Göteborg.