Halfway to a Norwegian prison

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I landed second time in Oslo Rygge airport. This time destination was not Norway but South to the Sweden. I thought I will be able to hitch-hike straight from airport to Sweden. Even though Rygge airport is close to the Swedish border there was not so much cars with Swedish identity plate as I expected.

I decided I will be more successful with plan B. Going  opposite direction. Direction Oslo. On one of the of the gas stations next to the highway I will change a direction and hitch-hike direction Sweden.

I felt like at home at the gas station. Not due my success with hitch-hiking on gas stations but because there where many tank truck drivers from Slovakia! After small discussion I found out that they are transporting gas in Scandinavia.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go with them as they were not allowed to take passengers when they transport gas. I would need special licence to sit in a such “dangerous” truck or the driver could get a fine from police.

I approached few cars on the parking area next to the gas station. In one of them was young women with kind of serious face. I think I surprised her or scared her when I waved on her few steps from her car.
Anyway I asked where is she driving. She told me that she is driving to a prison. To the prison?

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Passing through Latvian countryside

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Landed in Riga airport. Been there already so way to center was simple! Process is following:

  • before leaving airport building grab a free map of capital, buy a bus ticket in advance
  • cross the parking area and wait for bus or actually micro-bus, its also line 22 but faster with few stops, directly to center
  • kill a hunger: Pelmene XXL on train station, affordable, pay how much you put on your plate. Don’t forget to include soup after long travel!

My next plan was simple. Grab a beer with Martin. Classmate on Erasmus exchange in Riga. He knew where to get a great beer, where the locals go, where is happy hour, where we can have a delicious burger for dinner.

After few more beers it was time to go. Time to arrange a meeting with my Couchsourfing hosts in Ragana. Village one hour north from Riga. Read More

Cold but cool Oslo

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March. Spring nowhere. Feels like winter

Don’t worry there was no snow. But windy weather and temperature around five degrees. It encouraged me to put all warm clothes I had.

Oslo Rygge is one of the two airports where low-cost airlines fly to “Oslo.” One hour from the capital. I spoke to the one Polish couple who drove me the one of the metro stations.

Metro is called here T-bane, with sign of letter T. As I was waiting for my Couchsurfing host I had a brief overview of prices. I could see how freaking expensive Oslo will be.


Norwegian language sound in some way similar to German to me. Luckily I had no problem with communication with people here. Almost everybody speaks English well.

The work-life balance is really different here. If you don’t buy food before Sunday it can easily happen there will not be a big Sunday lunch for you! Read More


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I again realized how are my neighbor countries interesting. I usually plan to travel somewhere faraway. Visit some exotic places. In the same time I somehow underestimate that cool places are just behind the corner! I realized this last year when I was actually first time in Budapest. Fascinated by the city. I regret that I haven’t visited Hungary earlier and more.

I had the same impression in Wroclaw. Read More

1 – 2 – 3 Start

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6574743_origFriday 8th of May, I thought I will start my trip in the morning. In the end morning was like 12 o’clock.

Destination: Wroclaw, Poland.

What is the best place to practice hitch-hiking?

Of course in the beginning of the trip in Czech Republic and not in a foreign country! So I used public transport to get to the exit direction Olomouc, Ostrava.

What seemed like a good spot according to Hitchwiki, looked great on spot as well: 

  • Just behind the crossroad so cars would not go fast.
  • Almost on the highway so I would be visible to all drivers driving this direction.
  • Large ramp where cars could safely and easily stop.



















That is what I thought for one and half hour!

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May 2015 on the way

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Sometime at spring I decided to change my typical end of semester at university. Instead of exam period I decided to escape out of everyday routine in Brno and travel. Travel for one month on my own. Inspired by many blogs, travelers in my social circle and a event about travelling by Unifer I made the final decision.

I had to hurry up with exams, make them as soon as possible or postpone them to the June. I wanted to travel around Baltic countries, visit countryside and not just capitals. Meet old friends from youth exchange projects was another goal.

One thing was fixed. A toastmasters District 95 conference. Competition in international speeches, evaluations and workshops in Borås, Sweden. Highlight of this event is keynote and workshop by champion of public speaking in 2014 – Dananjaya Hettiarachchi. His winning speech –  I see something.


  • Participate on Toastmasters District 95 conference
  • Use best possible low-cost flights available
  • Prove myself that it is possible to travel just with light backpack, so it fits into limits of cabbin luggage for flights
  • Instead of trains and buses use hitchhiking for transportation

I would have to travel north due to conference anyway so it made perfect sense to combine my travel plan with Toastmasters conference. By applying travel hacking theory in practice I was searching random flights within flexible time-frame and many airports with focus on cheap flights.

After writing down all affordable options I somehow made plans for the trip and selected destinations I wanted to visit between flights. In the end due to availability of flights I included a three day visit in the Oslo and in Sweden I wanted to spend more time as well.

For return I decided to go through the Bremen, Germany and visit my great crazy friend from bachelor degree Eva. There would be also possibility to visit Amsterdam and than fly back to Prague together. She for the state exams and me for the last two exams of summer semester.



I don’t know how but in the end it fits into the backpack